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131 Mary
Love you

You guys ROCK!! I can't wait to see you again.

There is nothing better than hanging out with friends and listening to the best music ever!
132 E money

Cru-you are SO HOT and rock every metal song-Gordon you are awesome too-you remind me of Jimmy Fallon!!! AWESOME TIME-you all get better every month. LOVED NKOTB on Valentine's Day!!!
133 cathy
i want you

gordon are you single!?
134 The Mammalian
Best show ever...

Maybe it was the 20-degree temperatures outside, maybe it was the packed house, maybe it was Obama.

Whatever the reason, The Legwarmers on Jan. 24 at the State delivered the best show of the young year and, to these bright ears, maybe the best show ever. Never did the 80s sound so big, the energy so driving, the band so pumped. Songs that usually program late -- Love Shack, Rebel Yell -- came at the start, as if the encores kicked off things in a grand VH1 mash-up.

If the roof wasn't nailed on it would've fallen down in bits of Prince-like confetti. The ladies helped, too, with If I Could Turn Back Time near-operatic and Kiss Me Deadly a 2009 Lita Ford machine gun. And only The Legwarmers could take a catchy but trite thing like I Ran and bring it to Raspberry power pop awe.

The show had no frills, few extras, just non-stop bop from the start. Great stuff!

'Come on pretty baby kiss me deadly...'
135 Karen
Amazing night at The State

It was my first time and I am now hooked! An amazing show with amazing energy! I'll be back next time for sure!
136 Walt & Maryann
New Year's Eve

By far the best show ever! You guys rock harder every time. See you soon at the State Theater.
137 Susie and Matt
White/Johnston Wedding

We are still talking about how awesome that night was - you guys ROCK!!! We live out of town but we will BE THERE when you play!
138 The Mammalian
Legwarmers Love You

Back in the 60s, one of the first underground buzzes about the new San Francisco sound was the cryptic graffiti-slogan "Jefferson Airplane Loves You."

I'm not sure that was really true -- the band was bickering from the start -- but not so with The Legwarmers. This band has a true heart of gold, both in their music and behind the scenes.

Anyone catching these latest winter shows can feel the impossibly fresh energy. The band seems re-energized, even the most familiar hits seem new and every show is played at full-tilt.

The Legwarmers are more than a cover band. They reach deep within each tune and bring out the essence of every hook, every phrase, every solo. These latest shows have been at a whole other level. We can't wait for Christmas and New Years.

The Legwarmers Love You.

139 Bryan
Johnston/White Wedding

The show was totally rad! I gotta have a cd. It has been nearly a month and we still find ourselves singing your songs and talking about the band.
140 Sarah

My friends and I have so much fun at your concerts! My voice was hoarse for 3 days after screaming and cheering everytime you played! You guys have so much talent and energy, truly amazing shows! We can't wait for the December show!
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