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141 LaReya
Oh yea

And it was awesome meeting all my new buds Matthew, Peggy, Christine and Bryan! :) Hope to hand with you guys again! :)
142 LaReya
Sooo awesome!

OMG you guys rock!!! I had soo much fun last night, more fun than I've had in a while, you've got me hooked! Wish I had the set list from last night! :( The guy said he'd give it to me and then I couldn't find him :( BOOOOO! :( You are totally rad dudes!
143 Erin Peer

You guys rock-tonight was our second show, and we'll be coming every month. You guys are just too awesome.
144 Kenny Loggins
Where's MY music?

It's not the 80s without me! Anyone see Caddyshack, Top Gun, Footloose, Over the Top and many others?
145 Suzie Scuzbucket
Can't wait!

Awesome show last time!
146 Those crazy girls from Fairfax
State Theatre Show 6/21

That was the most fun we have ever had at a concert before! Then again, we are wildly obsessed with the 80's. :) Thank god for a band that doesn't slaughter our favorite decade!!

Rock on! We'll definitely be headed back in August.
147 Amber and My Girls

My friends and I came to see you at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore and no lie, it was the most fun we have ever had at a concert. We love the 80's music and knew every song your did. We will definately be back to see you when you come back in September!
148 Please play Philly!
Please play Philly!

PLEASE play philly, you guys are awesome!
149 Cathy

You're hotness.
150 elly gomez

you guys have the best fans -- who would have thought that slash, rocky balboa and beetlejuice would all be at the saturday night show...

you rocked!!!!
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