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151 Please play Philly!
Please play Philly!

PLEASE play philly, you guys are awesome!
152 Cathy

You're hotness.
153 elly gomez

you guys have the best fans -- who would have thought that slash, rocky balboa and beetlejuice would all be at the saturday night show...

you rocked!!!!
154 Cathy

What a blast.... Can't wait to go again. Please post upcoming scheduled shows.

155 Sarah

You are going to go on Friday and want to come back the very next Saturday and see them again!
156 Spencer

OK, I gotta admit that when my sister-in-law suggested this as a saturday night activity, I didn't exactly leap at the opportunity. We don't get out without the kids much, so I wanted to make sure it was for something good. After all, babysitters don't come cheap! Well, can I just tell you, what an AWESOME time we had? By the time we crawled home at 1:45, I was hoarse and sweaty, but what a night! I screamed the whole time, as they played ALL the greatest 80's songs. And they wailed the songs, not putting some "artistic" spin to them that some tribute bands do to give it their own sound. They played Madonna like you remember it. They played G n R like you remember it. They played everything like you remember it. I've already got my tix for the next show on 6/14 and my outfit from 80's
You need to see these guys! If you grew up in the 80's, I promise the memories of middle and high school will come flooding back. When they ended one of their sets with perhaps the GREATEST rock song of all time, Pour Some Sugar On Me, not only did I think the roof was gonna cave in, but it brought back that night in late summer of '88 when my brother, best buddy and I were driving around looking for something to do. Amazing how music does that. Bottom line, see these guys. You won't be sorry. Oh, and I did give the sitter a very generous tip! :)
157 ty
bmore show

The most fun I have ever had at a concert. Love The Legwarmers!
158 dave
4/11 @ State Theater

OMG! Awesome show. Great set! I haven't danced and bugged out like that for a very long time. I can't wait until the next show.
159 josh brolin circa 1985

There will be dance.
160 elly gomez
mr. t

i understand that mr. t made an appearance at the baltimore show...are there any pictures? he coming to the state theatre this weekend?
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