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171 KIM M.
Young Again!

I saw you at Ram's Head on the 22nd. It was my first show it won't be my last. We are bringing a bus full of us 80's babies next time. Every song took me back to my big hair, jelly bracelet, Madonna luvin self. So thank you for taking a 36 year old Mom of 3 back to her younger self even if it was for one night. You guys ROCK!
172 Dean
I love you guys

You guys are amazing!! Seriously!!! I love seeing you at Rams' Head.. Keep rocking...
173 Christine
You Guys Are Awesome!!

I've seen you guys twice now at the Rams Head and I had such a awesome time that we're already making plans again to see you guys!! I've turned so many friends onto you guys, we even made one of our friends from Cali come see you guys!! I can't wait to see you again!! Its a blast everytime!!!! We leave there with ears ringing, voices gone and bodies sore from all the dancing! And everytime all we can say is "I can't fuckin wait to do it again!!!!!"
174 Lindsay
You never disappoint!

Just saw my fifth consecutive show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on the 22nd. As always you rocked and my friends and I had a GREAT time. Every show I invite a few skeptics and then end up loving it and bring skeptics of their own to the next show. We showed up about 30 strong to this show and can't wait until you come back!


175 Sadie.

Gordon. might you ever love a lowly fan such as me?
176 Audra
Totally Awesome!

I have seen your show 2 times, love to dress up for it and looking forward to bringing in the New Year with the BEST 80's BAND EVER!!! P.S. Do you do wedding receptions???
177 Pete Mitchell
Shore Leave

Now, I'm used to having my ego write checks that my body can't cash, but The Legwarmers were easily able to cash the checks that their ego wrote. I caught their show on my last shore leave at the State Theater(a target rich environment if I have ever seen one), and it was simply amazing, Charlie and I had a great time. This music really took me back to the good old days, back when Nick Bradshaw was still alive. I will defiantly try to catch their show on my next shore leave, and this time I will bring the rest of the squadron.
178 Rob
Fairfax Fall Festival

I couldn't believe the authenticity and similarities to all of the songs this amazing band performed. I felt like I was back during the 80's, reliving all those great memories. Thank you so much for making my day along with my children's. To the public: they are the real deal and are absolutely amazing.
179 Jennifer Money
Excellent Show!!

I caught your show at the Fairfax Festival last weekend and I have to say your group is EXCELLENT!! I was immediately brought back to my childhood when we used to rock out to Bon Jovia and Tiffany. You guys are absolutely wonderful!!
180 Stephanie
WoW! What fun!

I had the pleasure of rocking out with the band at the Fairfax Fall Festival! And it was my first time! I'm still excited! I had an awesome time and hope you will be adding more shows to the list! Any plans for New Years??? That would be a BLAST!
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