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181 Audra
Totally Awesome!

I have seen your show 2 times, love to dress up for it and looking forward to bringing in the New Year with the BEST 80's BAND EVER!!! P.S. Do you do wedding receptions???
182 Pete Mitchell
Shore Leave

Now, I'm used to having my ego write checks that my body can't cash, but The Legwarmers were easily able to cash the checks that their ego wrote. I caught their show on my last shore leave at the State Theater(a target rich environment if I have ever seen one), and it was simply amazing, Charlie and I had a great time. This music really took me back to the good old days, back when Nick Bradshaw was still alive. I will defiantly try to catch their show on my next shore leave, and this time I will bring the rest of the squadron.
183 Rob
Fairfax Fall Festival

I couldn't believe the authenticity and similarities to all of the songs this amazing band performed. I felt like I was back during the 80's, reliving all those great memories. Thank you so much for making my day along with my children's. To the public: they are the real deal and are absolutely amazing.
184 Jennifer Money
Excellent Show!!

I caught your show at the Fairfax Festival last weekend and I have to say your group is EXCELLENT!! I was immediately brought back to my childhood when we used to rock out to Bon Jovia and Tiffany. You guys are absolutely wonderful!!
185 Stephanie
WoW! What fun!

I had the pleasure of rocking out with the band at the Fairfax Fall Festival! And it was my first time! I'm still excited! I had an awesome time and hope you will be adding more shows to the list! Any plans for New Years??? That would be a BLAST!
186 Graham
Made My Weekend

Legwarmers, i went to your show at the Fairfax Fall Festival when i was home for the weekend, and you made it worth coming back. You guys should come play at JMU in Harrisonburg, Va. Think about it
187 sma
Welcome to the Jungle

My friend from work told me about The Legwarmers. I just saw them for the first time at the Fairfax City Fall festival(10/13). Wow, they were "like" totally awesome, radical and more. Even though they had mic and instrument probs, they still rocked! I felt like I was living in the 80's again. I have to say I really enjoyed their versions of the harder/rockin' songs like GNR, Van Halen, AC/DC and even the soft rock Journey. I would "like" definitely(I remember saying like frequently then)see The Legwarmers a
188 Kerry

Saw you all at the Fall Festival today...absolutely amazing, you all rock!!! Thanks for such great entertainment!!
189 Lindsay
Party like its 1986

So, I just celebrated my 21st with The Legwarmers--dare I say, best birthday EVER. True, I may have worn onesies in the 80s--but me and my party bus had a fantastic time AGAIN at the best show in DC, by far!

THANKS for making my life complete, just saying...

ps--J.R. (aka "Rad") you're awesome!!
190 Lord Farquat
On Tap

Cru Jones you look money on the cover of OnTap.
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