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191 elly gomez
incredible weekend of music!!!!!

legwarmers were HOT...can't get the songs out of my head...perhaps i need to be sedated!!!

192 The Mammalian
Take me home tonight...

I'm not one to gush -- OK, I am -- but ohmygod could The Legwarmers have been any better this June weekend at the State?

Back to back shows are worrisome for any band, but the Warmers got better set by set, night by night. By the time of the second set on Saturday night, the place was in total metal rapture. I've never seen the balcony so full, the crowd so into it, the roar at the end so superstar intense. Yes, these are local heroes writ large, but the majesty of these performances can not be ignored.

Highlights of the two nights included the return of 'Walk This Way' by Legs D.M.C., some particularly strong vocals by Cyndi and Ricki, precise 'Jump's by the boys and the ever reliable bottom thunder from Curtis and Chet. Gordon's solo and guitar throughout 'Rebel Yell' would make even Billy Idol curl his lip approvingly!

This is great stuff, these Legwarmers shows, and even five years after we first saw them, the 80s get bigger and better in their capable hands. MTV was about videos. These shows are about the music.

What's that noise indeede!

'Just like Ronnie sang...'
193 pump it up!
june 22

looking forward to seeing you guys on june 22nd. i'm bringing a skeptical friend - hope you proove her wrong and that we have a blast!
194 Catherine
Rams Head Live- 06/09- RADICAL!

Totally dug the show Saturday night. I believe I'm possibly stuck in a personal love triangle with Cyndi and Gordon... but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Definitely seeing you closer to home here in FC. LOVE IT!
195 Tim
Rams Head Live - 6/9

The show was rad. You guys rock.
196 Erick

Show was the shiznit. I'd leave my job to be a back-up dancer!
197 Margaret
like, wow to the max

i was not only one of the drunkest people at your last show but was also told i was one of the best dressed (aerobics rocks!).

i've never told a band i like them before but wow, i like LIKE you a wicked lot. see ya in june.
198 Claudia Bixler 703-903-2483
WANTED: 9 tickets to the State Theatre Show 4/14

I am the maid of honor trying my best to re-schedule a bacholorette party. Please say you'll make the bride's wishes come through by selling me your tickets for the April 14 show. Willing to negotiate.

Dame una llamada (Call me).
199 Jimbo

we just saw you at the state theater on the 24th of march. you guys ROCK! my legwarers cherry has been popped! (CYNDEE IS HOT!)
200 little mammalian
"down goes Frazier"

I've been to Woodstock....seen the Who do Tommy @ Carnegie Hall...Little Feat @ the Troubadour...Bruce @ the Troubadour...Marley @ the Roxy...Dead Shows...Stones @ the Garden...Doors @ the Garden...Toots @ My Father's Place...Patti @ CB's...I've never seen an audience have as much unbridled glee as I saw in Virginia on January 2 weeks ago!...It must be experienced in person to fully appreciate the savageness of this bands Svengaliesque effect upon those who were fortunate enough to attend. It's like "the G
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