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201 Jimbo

we just saw you at the state theater on the 24th of march. you guys ROCK! my legwarers cherry has been popped! (CYNDEE IS HOT!)
202 little mammalian
"down goes Frazier"

I've been to Woodstock....seen the Who do Tommy @ Carnegie Hall...Little Feat @ the Troubadour...Bruce @ the Troubadour...Marley @ the Roxy...Dead Shows...Stones @ the Garden...Doors @ the Garden...Toots @ My Father's Place...Patti @ CB's...I've never seen an audience have as much unbridled glee as I saw in Virginia on January 2 weeks ago!...It must be experienced in person to fully appreciate the savageness of this bands Svengaliesque effect upon those who were fortunate enough to attend. It's like "the G
203 Christy
You all ROCK!!

But you have to bring back New Kids!! I waited all night for the song and nothing! Though I will never miss a show, I insist that you bring it back! It's a must!!
204 The Mammalian
Out. Rage. Us.

What can one say about the latest Legwarmers two-night homestand that could possibly capture the joy of it all? Or the generational safety dance that rocked the State Theater this pre-Thanksgiving weeekend in red, gold and green?

The Legwarmers have so taken over the 80s heartstone as to make all other touring nostalgia acts -- even those who performed the songs originally -- seem like half-baked TRL. On toast.

Digging deep into the playlist, and opening with the debut of Culture Club's 'Karma Mammalia--', er, 'Karma Chameleon,' the band proved again that there are plenty of surprises left in their make-it-real videopedia.

Especially startling was the look -- Rikki strutting across the stage in her AC/DC spangles and glam, Cyndi pouting like a dangerous Rainbow Brite pop fatale and Cru turning Japanese before our eyes; Chet and Lavaar so backbeat perfect and the Leghorns so Bosstone bopping that the band could never lose its way; and Gordon shredding the tunes so fiercely that at one point he mysteriously called Cyndi by another name, Out. Rage. Us. indeed!

No bubble machine this time, and the Hulkster didn't show up. But who was that in the crowd: Gene Simmons in full tongue-battle makeup? Could be!!!

For those who want more, next up in Falls Church is Dec. 15. Be there or be...hopelessly devoted to square.

'Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream
'Red, gold and green
'Red, gold and green'
205 John Bender

I'm going to have to insist you bring back "The Right Stuff." That used to be, what I considered, a showstopping number. I was quite disappointed at Saturday's show when I kept waiting for it..and it never happened. But then again, maybe it did. I may or may not have been drunk. Anyway, if you didn't play it, please bring it back for the November shows at the State theater. If you did, my apologies....
206 The Mammalian
Mania meets the Madness

The triumphant return of The Legwarmers to the State Theatre last week was more than a late summer reunion but another joyful reminder that this Big 80s band is only just entering the ring.

Nostalgia never sounded so real, or so musical, as the band reinvented a familiar setlist and produced, especially Saturday night, what might have been their most powerful show ever. The Legwarmers already own these songs, but this night they delved deeper into the cuts themselves, with searing guitar solos, a rock solid bottom, terrific hairband vocals and the two most exciting women ever to add Salt, Pepa, Paula and Ronnie to the mix. Straight up indeed.

Incredibly, the weekend also featured a surprise visit from the Hulkster himself, who looking suspiciously like a Leghorn, posed and flexed and pointed and waved a no-no rock finger to anyone in the audience not caught up in the WWF moment. You don't get training and prayers and vitamins like that at other rock shows!

As we were telling Mean Gene, the Legwarmers return in just a few weeks. We can't wait!

'Whatcha gonna do, when Warmermania comes crashing down...on YOU!!!'

207 Bart Conner

I have seen the Warmers about 8 times now, all at the State Theater, and they just get better and better. We Built this City - Amazing. Here I Go Again - Rediculous. These guys put on a show that can not be topped. Being from NJ, and a die hard Jovi fan, these guys rock Jon and Richie like its their job. Thank you, all of you, for bringing back the best decade ever, and kicking the tunes old school better than any band I have ever seen.

See you at Helltrack...
208 A Big Fan
Washington Post Best Bets Voting is NOW!!!

Hey Everyone,

The Legwarmers are in the running to be the Washington Post Best Bets for 2006. All you have to do is vote for the best 80's cover band ever, The Legwarmers.

Just click on this website:

Scroll down to Around the City, then click on Local Band and then Vote for The legwarmers.

Voting Ends July 28 and results are August 14th.

Rock On Dudes!!!

209 elly gomez

don't know about anyone else, but i need a dose of legwarmers real bad...bring it on...
210 Ben
Rams Head Live 6/17

Baltimore loves the Legwarmers, keep coming back! The only thing that could have made the show better is seeing the guys dance to The Right Stuff again and an appearance by the Domino's Noid. You guys are so rad! I noticed you guys switched over to Amstel Light the second half of the show - has Cru converted everyone??
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