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211 The Mammalian
Vote for Legwarmers as Best Band!

Voting has begun in The Washington Post's online 'Best of' survey.

Here's a link if you want to vote for the Legwarmers as 'Best Band.' You have to register, but the band is worth it!! Vote and tell your friends:

212 lori
first time was WOAH!!

so i broke my legwarmer virginity by seeing them play at the state theater this past weekend... AMAZING.

thats all
213 The Mammalian
Legs D.M.C.

Now we know why the paddy wagon was sent to the alley!

The Legwarmers capped the opening night of their two-show stand at the State Theatre last night with a surprise appearance by rapper legends. In Falls Church, no less!

'You're not going to be able to take this,' Gordon warned the crowd as the stage went dark and two furtive figures in fedoras and black suits shambled across the stage.

It was Clarence and J.R. -- the Leghorns themselves! -- decked out as 'Legs D.M.C.,' and the band launched into a rap solid 'Walk This Way' that had the place shaking with street cred, 80s style.

This band can do anything. We can't wait for an Eight Mile shoutdown between D.M.C. and Salt n' Pepa! And there's another night to go!

214 The Mammalian
Air guitar you can feel

The Legwarmers' show at the State Theatre last night was about as good as a night can be.

The Legwarmers just don't 'cover' songs from the 80s -- they inhabit them, kicking aside everything false and faux and instead grabbing the very heart of the song and squeezing until the audience is singing as one. This is every imaginary air guitar turned into sound you can feel, propelled by power chords that hit the sweet pop spot that says, yes, this is what 'Crazy Train' is REALLY about and how it REALLY sounds in every kid's head.

Whether the pose of 'Material Girl,' the need of 'I Want Candy' or the challenge of 'Push It,' the Warmer ladies keep things winking even as the players shred the solos and make big hair rock sound cool again.

Any band that can end a night with 'Paradise City,' 'Fight for Your Right to Party' and 'Living on a Prayer,' and who then come back with 'Jump' and 'Summer of 69' is a force to be reckoned with.

This is not a cover band. This is a generational call to arms, night after night, and anyone who misses these shows is missing not only a good time, but a chance to see what all that empty video music REALLY sounds like when played by a band with guts, with talent, with humor and with smarts.

The Legwarmers are every kid who ever sang in the car, strutted by a mirror or vogued to a video. They are the real deal, and don't 'cover' anything except the crowd in good vibes and the wonder of being young. Miss them not!

'Those were the best days of my life...'
215 Elly Gomez

New photos!

And the March show is sold out a month in advance!!!!!!!

,,,,,,,,what's that noise?
216 Robin
Rams Head Live

Hey, I just wanted to say that we here at Rams Head Live are really looking forward to you guys coming back here. The last show was amazing and people can't stop talking about it.

See you again on Friday, March 17th!!!

(Everybody get your tickets early, they sell out quick!)
217 Bruiser
The Right Stuff

What a show!
218 C&B
Sold OUT!!!

now in Baltimore too!!! Unbelievable these Legwarmers are. Get your tix early next time or you won't get to fight for your right to paaaartay these cool kids.
Awesome show by the way!

You guys are more eighties than sniffing coke off a trapper keeper in parachute pants. We had the best time last night! Thanks, and we definitely will be back next time.
220 The Mammalian
Partied like it's 2K6

Sure, Dick Clark may have been back at Times Square, along with Ryan and Regis and all the rest, but the real party was at the State Theater New Years Eve where The Legwarmers blasted away any remnants of 2005 with a thunderous, simply thunderous, performance worthy of confetti, streamers and wall-shaking euphoria.

Playing before a giddy crowd of revelers -- a few in tuxedos! -- the Warmers lived up to every regional buzz and roar that seems to grow about the band month by month. This indeed IS the best show in town, every night. Phish and the Dead may have their famous Dec. 31 taper legends, but few will forget this New Years at the State.

Opening with U2's 'New Years Day', throwing in other new songs -- Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven is a Place on Earth', Blondie's 'One Way or Another' -- and ending with a party mix from the heart of the 80s -- including 'Welcome to the Jungle' and 'Fight for Your Right to Party' -- even the bouncers were smiling.

'2006 is gonna be the best year EVER!' Gordon shouted at one feverish spot in the set. Judging by LW 12.31.05, the best can only get even better!

Under a red blood sky indeed.

'I want to be with you, be with you night and day.
Nothing changes on New Year's Day. On New Year's Day.

I... will be with you again.
I... will be with you again.'
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