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221 NB
Picture Perfect

I love the new Main picture. I can't wait to see you guys at the Ram's Head in October. You guys take my breath away!
222 The Mammalian
If they can make it there...

Yes, there were Legwarmer fans who made the trek to Times Square Friday night for the band's New York City debut at B.B. King's trendy club.

And yes, we all held our breath as the band, billed as '80s retro' on the marquee, came out to strut their video star stuff.

And although the first few songs -- 'Let's Go Crazy,' 'I Wanna Be Sedated' and 'Material Girl' -- were all perfect and drew a fun reaction, there was a moment where it seemed that hey, this ain't Falls Church, ya know. This is the big time -- heck, Disney's Lion King is across the street -- and will this play on 42nd Street like it plays on Lee Highway?

I shouldn't have worried. By the time they finished '99 Red Balloons,' the crowd -- which grew through the evening -- was theirs. By the end, when Cru asked the shouting dance floor whether they wanted to hear Bon Jovi or Journey (Journey won), it could have been any Legwarmers' gig anywhere. New York clearly had been won.

The club was probably less than half-full, with maybe 50 or so hardcore fans and then maybe a couple hundred regular clubbers or walk-in dancers. By the end, this collection of stock analysts, government aides and models were shouting the words, hugging and dancing just like any night at the State.

If B.B. King's has them back -- and I can't imagine why not -- I would imagine the buzz would be so strong that the place could be full by the third gig. Even the bartenders and bouncers were smiling; this was special stuff. Not just some house band doing one 'you might remember.'

The Legwarmers kicked butt Friday night, right there in the ceneter of the universe and the band, if it follows up and hits the Big Apple again, could become even bigger than they imagine. It will be interesting to follow.

Only a few parents made it up there -- we told Cyndi that the Mammalian and the band's favorite photographer - were representing the moms and dads who usually bop to the beat at the State. (And wait'll you see some of Eileen's photos).

And even if Elton John didn't show -- heh -- we know he'd be a tiny dancer there somewhere. B.B. would be proud.

'Don't stop believin'...'
223 Anthony Michael Hall
Why am I such a tremendous tool now?

I think you dislocated my face last show, because you rocked it so hard
224 Pat "sorry my mom didn't get knocked up earlier so I could have been a true child of the 80's" C
Please continue to rock my face off

I've seen you guys about four times now and needless to say I've had a blast each time. Your shows are the only place were a popped collar does send me into a rage, not to mention I think I
225 Information
No reason to be sad in DC

Just an FYI that the Ticket Booth is now open 12 Noon - 5 PM Mon-Fri and also 12 Noon - 11:30 PM on all show nights! The only problem is you need to get tickets early on so they don't sell out on you. The next show is September 9th. See you all there!
226 In love

Can I just say that you guys are AMAZING!! Can't wait for the next show....
227 Kelly
RE: Mad in DC

I feel for the fan who can't seem to get tickets, but a bigger venue whould ruin the vibe of The Legwarmers show. The State Theater is a perfect venue b/c it is reminisent of a school dance, except at this dance everyone is legal. I don't understand the difficulty with finding tickets either. I had no problem getting tickets for this show. You just have to keep checking the website for new show listings. And you can pick your tickets up at the box office on the night of the show and save yourself shipping. Finally, Falls Church isn't that far from DC, so that is not a valid excuse.
228 don't be so sad in dc...

just to let you know... that most people sell tickets outside the night of the show... service charge is a biotch so i understand your dilema.. if you go there just ask around. people always are out there waiting for you.
229 Sad in DC
Bigger venue?

Can you please find a bigger venue in the DC area? This is about the 4th time it's been sold out on us. I live too far away (not to mention work) so unless I pay a $5 service charge there's no way to get tix before it sells out. I don't get why you guys can't play somewhere bigger! we'd all be there...
230 JoJo Diamond

Great show last night. I am so hooked.
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