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281 The Mammalian
Who Are You!

Madam, I am the member of no band, play no instrument. I just know great music and well-mounted entertainment. If my exuberance offends, sorry, but, as the song goes, it ain't no big thing.

"Kiss me once!"
282 hot 80's fangirl

yeah, i saw the band, they're good, but who is the "mammalian" - clearly it is a band member writing praise for their own band. i wonder...:-)
283 JDC

You rock my world Cyndi!
284 The Mammalian
Tanned and rested...

After a whirlwind spring of sold-out gigs, burgeoning media praise and setlist shuffles, the Legwarmers showed Saturday night at the State Theater what they really do best -- play.

Yes, there was the spandex eye-dazzle of Rikki's never-to-be-topped 'Let's Get Physical' workout tights, and the best version ever, by anybody anywhere, of Gloria with Cyndi's soaring vocals seeming to shoot through the audience one by one, like the ghost angels of Jehovah unleashed from the opened Lost Ark. And "Would I Lie to You" just gets better and better.

But what stood out even more this time was the locomotive breath of true rock and roll that would rattle the shingles off even the most rusted tin roof.

The night featured shredding guitar solos, big hair vocals and bone-shaking bottoms that made the whole place quake with a throbbing mix of rock and roll that seemed like 50,000 watts of power. So it goes, indeed.

These were not just covers but fearless explorations that reached the very core of what made these ephemeral 80s hits work in the first place. Pop rocks are not just a candy, and the band wanted that, too!

The original groups and producers themselves, had they been in the crowd, would have said, yeah, that's it, THAT'S what we were trying to achieve before it got buried in all that MTV glam and synth! It takes the Legwarmers to show how cool those songs really were.

Now there's a few months off. The rest of June. ALL of July, and into August before the State Theater rocks again. When the Legwarmers return from a well-earned hiatus, all I can say is, who WOULDN'T be there?

"You're WHAT?"
285 PM
5/29 State Performance

What a great crowd considering it was Memorial Day Weekend and not to mention no billing on the marquee of the State until a day or two before the show. You got some fans guys. I'm one of them.
Way to go girls. You were so colorful not to mention flashy. Loved the lights. Cyndi, is that your real hair? If it is, you are one lucky lady.
Outstanding performance once again. You all just keep getting better and better. It's abvious you all have so much fun performing and you really gel as a group - not to mention there's a whole lot of talent up on that stage. You light it up. Can't wait for the next show. Have a great Summer.
286 NB

I would just like to say that Cru's pink ensemble rocked down in Herndon. And I really enjoyed the entertaining little dance for "The Right Stuff", cuz you guys got it!
Keep on rockin till next time dudes and dudettes.
287 PM
9:30 Club Debut

Way to go LEGWARMERS!!! That big stage and club suited you all just fine. It is obvious you've found your comfort zone. The bigger the stage, the better. The new crowd loved you and you left them wanting for more more MORE!!!! Who's opening for you next???

Chet, Rikki, Cyndi, Gordon, Lavaar, Cru, YOU ROCKED the CASBAH. Way to play the crowd, CRU, with that scarf. You're a natural. Can't wait for the next show. I'm hooked.
288 neil diamond
9:30 show

the show tonight was great... the legwarmers rocked the show once again and blew away those diamond freaks
289 The Mammalian
Would they lie to you?

What can possibly be said to capture the smokin' first set at the State Theater last Friday, capped by the best-ever version of the all-time angst anthem, Total Eclipse of the Heart?

Or the get-fined-fifty-bucks-if-you-miss-a-beat debut of the Leghorns rave-up, Would I Lie to You, featuring the deep-down growlings of newfound blues belter Cyndi Sindee?

Or the heavy metal thunder of Paradise City, so machine gun righteous that Dave Chappelle himself would wave and roll like Axl Rose before the storm was all done.

All that and Super Freak, too? It's too much.

Whether the State or the 9:30 Club or Herndon or a festival near you, there's no band in the land that gives you more sweat, more heart, more chops and more bop than the wondrous Legwarmers. Do not let your friends miss them again!

"Would I say something that wasn't true?"
290 theya
another hot show last night

the place was rockin'...
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