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331 paula phillips

the 6th show was rockin! mr. gartrell is very daring in his outfits.. and more people should dress up!!! quit slackin fans! no costello? was he not too rad in the 80's?
332 The Mammalian
State of the State...

So how was the 9/6 show, Warmer cats and catses? We were home getting sustenance after a long hunger strike against the lack of 80s video bebop on The Fuse, so we missed it. Boo!

But with the Post buzz, were new VeeJay wannabes mingling in the crowd? What movie did they show? Did they revive Total Eclipse of the Heart?

They may have no pride, but this is one band that has class!

"Now I'm only falling apart..."
333 Big Pink Head
much yayness!

After working a full 36+ hours this week, I'm taking a well deserved break and rockin' out tomorrow with Legwarmers! Yeah!
334 Cru's friend Luke

God what I wouldn't give to go ass sliding with you right now.

Cru, pretend you're in the lumber yard.... go balls out!
335 viva nashvegas!
that's what she said

i wanna see gordon gartrell's clothes crumpled up on my floor. you bettah recognize!
336 kat the mat and em the trend
ahhhhhhhh i miss my japanese boy, mr can you tell me where my love has gone, oh i miss my jap boyo

me and emilie have just found your site and love you so much, we went out this weekend and bought the smae clothes like you to look exactly like you. we are coming to your next show and we have made a special banner so you know who we are.
337 Rock N Roll Vixen
Rock n Roll

uhm....I love the legwarmers, but I think you guys should play a crue song or two. :-) A little kick start my heart or shout at the devil.
338 mike c

rockin' show at the theatre on the 11th guys!
339 His Purple Badness
I preach the Gospel of the Legwarmers

Bruthas and Sistas

Come join with me and proclaim the good news of the Legwarmers.

Who else will shine the light of "Eye of the Tiger?"

Who else will stand and proclaim the news of "Girls Just Wanna Have fun"

Let it ring from every mountain top to every valley of the "Paradise City."

That we will not be judged by the color of our skin, but the content of "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

In the words of the old African American spiritual, "Free at last, Free at last Thank God Almighty Let's Go Crazy!"

If you aint testifyin about this, all I can say to you is, "What you testifyin' about Willis?"
340 Team
GB 80s Music

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